The color "SAND" is inspired by its meaning within life. Sand represents time, and power. We emerged into this tone as we attempted to bring something that could be worn forever. We believe that neutral tones are a staple in today’s fashion industry, and felt as if we needed a tone that could be universal across all styles of fashion.

We took inspiration from the meanings that carries through different cultures. Within dreams, seeing sand can stand for the known and major changes that could be happening through your life. It means that peaceful and stable times are coming. Sand can also be seen within hour glasses and encourages us to use our time to the fullest before it slips out. 

Sand is also used as a sign of focus. People believe that seeing sand in dreams means that we need to focus on our goals and give ourselves more self credit.  We hope you find peace and comfort through our garments, and we can’t wait to see how you style your pair.

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